"Why are we here, because we’re here, roll the bones. Why does it happen, because it happens, roll the bones" - Neil Peart

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Fly By Night (Fly By Night) 1975

Xanadu (A Farewell To Kings) 1977

Closer to the Heart (A Farewell To Kings) 1977

The Trees (Hemispheres) 1978

La Villa Strangiato (Hemispheres) 1978

Limelight (Moving Pictures) 1981

Tom Sawyer (Moving Pictures) 1981

Red Barchetta (Moving Pictures) 1981

Vital Signs (Moving Pictures) 1981

Subdivisions (Signals) 1982

Countdown (Signals) 1982

The Enemy Within (Grace Under Pressure) 1984

Afterimage (Grace Under Pressure) 1984

Red Sector A (Grace Under Pressure) 1984

The Body Electric (Grace Under Pressure) 1984

Big Money (Power Windows) 1985

Mystic Rythms (Power Windows) 1985

Time Stands Still (Hold Your Fire) 1987

Cotton Tail (Neil Peart & The Buddy Rich Big Band) 1994

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